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Cast Iron Pan (Polished & Seasoned)

Polished & Seasoned = 已做抛光&开锅处理

Size (cm) 30 36 41 Gross Weight 3.5kg 4kg 5kg Deep (cm) 6.5 7.

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RM308.00 - RM378.00
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Cast Iron Pan (Original)

Original = 未开锅,顾客需自行处理开锅步骤

Size (cm) 30 36 41 Gross Weight 2.5kg 3kg 4kg Deep (cm) 6.5 7.5 8


How to Cook with a Wok

When you're learning how to use a wok, don't be afraid to turn up the heat.

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RM168.00 - RM218.00
Cast Iron Plain Pan (Original)
Size (cm) 43 46 69 Gross Weight 5.5kg 6kg 10kg

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RM248.00 - RM498.00
Cast Iron Pizza Pan (Polished & Seasoned) Set of 2

Polished & Seasoned = 已做抛光&开锅处理

Benefits Of Cooking In Cast Iron 10'' Pizza Pan
They can adapt to different types of cooking and are fully environmentally friendly.

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RM418.00 - RM428.00
Cast Iron Sizzling/Grill Plate with Wooden Tray
It's pre-seasoned.

• Serve you favorite grilled dishes sizzling hot with this cast iron plate. It is designed for quick, even heating with excellent heat retention.
• Plate is separate from the wooden base for easy and safe serving.
• Sturdy and long lasting.

-Sizzling Tofu
-Sizzling Mee 
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