Discover the Secrets of Our Cast Iron Manufacturing Process!

08 Jul 2024

Discover the Secrets of Our Cast Iron Manufacturing Process!

Discover the numerous benefits of incorporating cast iron cookware without coatings into your daily cooking routine:

*Durable and Long-lasting
*Even Heat Distribution
*Natural Non-Stick Properties
*Health Benefits
*Enhanced Flavors
*Environmentally Friendly

Join the cast iron revolution and elevate your culinary experience with the unparalleled advantages of non-coated cast iron cookware. Make the switch today and experience the difference for yourself!

Embrace the superior quality and health benefits of cast iron cookware by exploring our Sheely Cookware collection and revolutionize your everyday cooking!
Benefits Of Cooking In Cast Iron

They can adapt to different types of cooking and are fully environmentally friendly.
You can use your cast iron pans for roasting, sautéing, grilling, broiling, shallow frying in a small quantity of oil or deep-frying in plenty of oil. They are good for water based cooking like poaching and boiling. The Chinese simply place a bamboo basket over their wok for steaming foods.
Naturally Non-stick
  • They act like non-stick pans when seasoned well.

Easy To Clean
  • Cast iron pans keep food from burning and are easy to maintain.

Fortifies Food With Iron
  • It has been beneficial for contributing healthy iron for healthy nutrients intake.

  • Cast iron pans require less oil.

Nearly Indestructible
  • They are tough, durable and everlasting.

Even Cooking Temperature
  • Cast iron pans are safer than many modern pieces of cookware with good temperature containment. You can cook on high heat.

Usage & Care
Clean the pans thoroughly after cooking.
  • Water is the number one enemy of cast iron pans, so don’t leave them in the sink. Wash them as soon as you finish cooking with them. They don’t usually require much scrubbing since food particles easily come off and any burnt on food can be scraped off with a metal  or wood spatula.
Re-season the pan after use.
  • After drying the pan with a dish towel, place it on high heat. Dip a paper towel in coconut or any vegetable oil and rub the hot pan with. When it starts to smoke, rub with the oiled paper towel again and then switch off the stove. Store in a dry place, but there’s no harm in stacking cast iron cookware.
Use the pans frequently.
  • The more you use the cast iron pan for frying, searing and baking, the better the non-stick layer of seasoning would become. You can buy pre-seasoned cast iron pans now, but seasoning them again a few times as explained above would improve their performance.
If you follow these simple steps, you can get lifelong service out of your cast iron pans, and perhaps pass them on to the next generation too.
Note: Customised order for Curve or Flat Base with Ear Holder or Long Handle please quote model reference above with or without Lid/Cover, kindly make enquiry based on your minimum quantity order and send your request to us.